Jeroen Heerwegh

Visual Artist


2000- 2009: private education ceramic.


2002: group exhibition “K en C” Piet staut galerij, Beveren Belgium


2004: group exhibition “K en c” Piet staut galerij, Beveren Belgium


2006: group exhibition” K en C” kasteel cortewale, Beveren Belgium


2007: group exhibition “ smoke” t’ogenblik, Beveren Belgium


2007: group exhibition “ the pillow book” de boere poort, Melsele Belgium


2007- 2009: academic education ceramic.


2008: group exhibition “academie sask” , Sint Niklaas Belgium


2009: group exhibition “academies ask” , Sint Niklaas Belgium


2004-2010: education applied arts at Berkenboom, Sint Niklaas Belgium


2010: group exhibition “art 5” t’ogenblik, Beveren Belgium


2010-2013: higher education visual arts ceramic and glass at Sint Lucas, Gent Belguim


2011: Duo exhibition “ mezzanine” , geel Belgium


2011: group exhibition “clash” ,Sint lucas Gent Belgium


2011: internship glass studio sandfish ,London


2011: group exhibition “ clash” witte voet Amsterdam


2012: group exhibition glass Gent Belgium


2012: group exhibition “clash II” Sint lucas Gent Belgium


2012: internship Gernheim glashutte Germany


2013: graduated in the visual arts at Sint lucas Gent Belgium


2013: graduation show K&G at Sint lucas Gent Belgium


2013: collaboration with the city of Ghent and the musician Sioen

for the project 1,2,3 piano at the train station of Gent Sint Pieters, Belguim


2013-2017: Teacher ceramics at the academy of Kortrijk


2014: Group exhibition "ninety x ninety x ninety" Croxaphox Gent Belgium


2014: Master graduation show at Sint Lucas Ghent Belgium


2014: Graduated as master in the visual arts at Sint lucas Gent Belgium


2014: Group exhibition “ Diafaan 6’ grootbegijnhof Gent Belgium


2014: Stanislav libensky award 2014, Praag Tsjechië


2015: Group exhibition’ transparant’ kollekasteel Mariakerken Belgium


2015: Group exihibition ‘glass trough the ages’ Gent Glas, Gent Belgium


2015: Zwiesel Koble, Zwiesel Germany


2015- 2017: Teacher Glass, IKA Mechelen Belgium


2015: Solo exhibition ‘ contrast’, Mariakerken Belgium


2016: Group exhibition 'GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN' Munster Germany


2016: Group exhibition 'International Glass Art Exhibition' Zwiesel Germany



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